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[ESL] Do you have any suggestions for FNC / Go4?

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d0v Posted: 03-06-2018 15:56

Hello everyone, 



We have heard that you are not entirely satisfied with the way FridayNightCup & Go4Crossfire is running at the moment.

We would love to listen to your suggestions, and we'll do our best to implement as many as we can.


You can always contact us on the Crossfire ESL discord " ".


Your privacy is respected, your suggestions and thoughts won't be shared publically if you choose to Direct message us.



Kind regards, 

ESL Staff

Crossfire ESL Staff

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I would like to see a complete random seeding system, so every1 has the same chance's to get a free win. so more teams have more change to get further into the bracket, because if you're new team or you make a new team u will most likely go against a known team in the first or second game.

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