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What is your favourite AK47 and what else you use with it?

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GhostGR Posted: 02-13-2018 14:45

Hey guys, I'm sooo bored today for some reason so I made this thread. What is your favourite AK47 and what secondary and melee you use with it? My pick would be AK47 Balance (because of the old grip, otherwise it would be AK47 Xmas) with deagle Rio and Survival knife. 

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My favourite ak is the St Patricks one, i use it with kukri rio and a normal deagle.  Why is everyone bored and makes a thread?:D the CrossFire effect

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I would have to go for the AK Born Beast combined with shovel and Desert Eagle Born Beast love

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AK Gold with Mauser Gold, Machete Ultimate Goldsmith and Yellow Crystal Grenade.

AK Xmas with D.E Xmas, Xmas Brick and Xmas Grenade.

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My favorite loadout is 


Desert Eagle-Divine Dragon

War Fan

Yellow Crystal Grenade


Smoke Grenade-Gold Phoenix

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Lots and lots of love and style love:v

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