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Tony98776 replied on 11-25-2017 18:53 | Locked

There are more than 2 genders

Ma name Tony

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aRealStone replied on 11-25-2017 19:12 | Locked

Q: Why was the chef embarrassed?

A: Because he saw the salad dressing!


ba dum tzzz....

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WinstonBG replied on 11-25-2017 21:27 | Locked

5 AM in a mountain camp. I'm in my sleeping bag.


I open the tent and I see the fog has fallen upon me.

IGN - WinstonBG

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AntoPR0DIGY replied on 11-25-2017 21:46 | Locked


1. Lower corner of screen has the words "Etch-a-sketch" on it. 
2. It's celebrity spokesman is that "Hey Vern!" guy. 
3. In order to start it you need some jumper cables and a friend's car. 
4. It's slogan is "Pentium: redefining mathematics". 
5. The "quick reference" manual is 120 pages long. 
6. Whenever you turn it on, all the dogs in your neighborhood start howling. 
7. The screen often displays the message, "Ain't it break time yet?" 
8. The manual contains only one sentence: "Good Luck!" 
9. The only chip inside is a Dorito. 
10. You've decided that your computer is an excellent addition to your fabulous paperweight collection.



IGN:  AntoPR0DIGY          Clan: Exlated 

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MrMadskillz replied on 11-26-2017 3:10 | Locked

Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house?






Sure, a house doesn't jump at all! 

IGN: Utmost

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R1coma replied on 11-26-2017 7:40 | Locked

My wife asked me to pass her lip balm. I gave her superglue by mistake. She's still not talking to me. :D



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UnLtdAmmo replied on 11-26-2017 10:07 | Locked

What kind of shoes does a pedophile wear?


-> White vans! OOOOOO

IGN:   _Un-Ltd._

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ShadY replied on 11-26-2017 22:57 | Locked

Don’t you hate it when you come to somebody’s place and they just can't stop asking you stupid questions like “what do you want” and “who are you” and “omg is that a real gun?"


- Some day everything has to come to an end

Goodbye CF EU

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