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Future Capsule Coupon Rewards - We need your feedback!

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So yeah to have same Red Dragon skins on the cupon storage and plus that those are really good weapons for people that dont spend any cent in the game to get after some time. 

Nuff said i would love to have that AWM though ^-^ 

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So when we will know the new coupon rewards and how often coupon rewards will be changed ?

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In my opinion, D.E Silver


Mauser M1896- Royal Dragon M4A1 Bronze

AWM Camo and Red Dragon

SIG MG 710-3

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Will Gold Mask give any bonus ?


I hope we will see pistols in coupons because there is already a lot of primary weapons.


We don't see often grenades re-skin too but it's a waste to spend 150 coupons on them since they are exactly the same as the normal grenade apart from the skin, it would be good if there are permanent nades or gold mask for 75 coupons for example.


There is already M4A1 everywhere and one of the current coupon rewards is M4A1-Gold, so I think we should wait more for M4A1 re-skin again and there are other popular weapons aswell such as AK-47.


So in my opinion :


mauser royal dragon

deagle silver 

ak-47 knife red dragon

berreta-ar70 red dragon

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Will Gold Mask give any bonus ?

No it doesn't, this mask can normally be obtained through completing all the weapon master achievenments.

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Desert Eagle Bronze

M4A1-S Red Dragon

Bronze Grenade

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