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Banned Account :(

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Gandziaczeq posted on 05-19-2017 7:27 | Locked


My account has been banned, probably for a glitch, why did I get the perm? I think it's meaningless people are clogging and nothing is getting out of it but of course I got into Glitch and of course I got it ... but people who are sitting in that glitch get nothing ... This is Cf's logic ...

Is there any chance of getting unban?

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Answered (Verified) ShadY replied on 05-19-2017 7:47 | Locked
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Glitching only leads into a ban if its clearly intentional. If you we just pushed into a wall by mistake nothing would have happened. Every ban has a reason and those can be various, like hacking, glitching, insulting, harassing, modifying game files and many more. If you think your ban was unjustified be free to send a ticket to account admin and ask for the reason of your ban.

The current CF EU Staff team follows a zero tolerance policy for violations to the TOU, especially when it comes to hacking and glitching.

Since account related issues do not belong to the Forums I have to lock this thread. :/

Goodbye CF EU

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