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Finish 3: Failed to download patch file ERROR

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aProudGreek posted on 04-20-2017 9:02

Had an issue with CF, so I downloaded the client again

It started patching and after a while it gave me this error-> "Finish 3: Failed to download patch file"

Now everytime I run CF my patcher is stuck at 0/16 patching and after 1 min I get the same error message.

Reinstalled CF several times, restarted my PC and my modem, antivirus and firewall are off. What else to do to make it work?

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I have the same problem

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Could you please do the following steps and send me a PM with the results afterwards?


  1. Open Command Prompt or Powershell
  2. Type nslookup
  3. Press Enter and wait
  4. Send back the results


Thank you!

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I have the same problem, I have windows 10's newest update and I reinstalled Crossfire several times and aslo took off my anti-virus just to be sure. I always get stuck at the same exact place "Finish 3: Failed to download patch files".


Now since you asked the other guy to look up on command prompt and send you the results, here it is:


Non-authoritative answer:


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Ok will forward it, thanks for the info.

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