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Spun +170 RP Capsules For 0 Wins ?

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S2Ahmad Posted: 03-19-2017 9:25

3-4 days ago.. I just spun 170-180 different RP capsules at one time
won 0 weapons.. do I really have a problem with my 'luck' or there was some bug with RP capsules or this is just normal ? 

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That's bad luck :c

Capsules are always a gamble, I know people who spun 1500+ capsules for an item and didn't win, people who won 3 times in 400 capsules, and people who won nothing in 200 caps in a single go.
I also know people who won a lot of items from one-five capsules, and people who consistently win 4-5 items in <50 capsules.

It's really all about luck, I'm sorry to hear you won nothing :/

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if it really was 170+ capsuls that you bought then  i would suggest you to invest this money in vip guns instead of rp capsuls
if  it just was event caps , then be happy , at least you did not lost any money  ,,,free bp for weeks yey...
anyway sry for youre bad luck , i guess we all know that feeling._.


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Gambling can be you best friend or your biggest enemy x.x

This time the second case happened. You shall not be sad, this is what can happen. Another time you might win 2 weapons with 10 capsules, who knows? Always only invest as much on capsules as you can handle to loose :)

/ ShadY

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  only invest as much on capsules as you can handle to loose 

up thats a really good advice


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