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(HGWC) "File is changed: W[2007] L[2] crossfire.exe" [ERROR]

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Leon1das posted on 07-11-2012 15:29 | Locked

Okey, Here is the story...


I started Crossfire 2 days ago, Played it for a while and then I get a "Send Error/Don´t Send Error" sign. (Game shuts down). And after that I get this "File is changed: W[2007] L[2] crossfire.exe"(Can´t launch game).

Got this 3 times now.


I know how to fix it(Re-Install), HOWEVER... It keeps coming back to me, 3 times on 2 days to be exact.


I would like to give you a screenshot but that would just be a waste of time.


|"HGWC"                             [ X ] |


| File changed : W[2007] L[2] |

| crossfire.exe                          |

|           [         OK        ]                |


Simulation of the error sign (up above).

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JEMNUEL replied on 07-12-2012 1:36 | Locked



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Swash888 replied on 07-13-2012 5:42 | Locked

I got same problem.

IGN: Swash

中華民國~ The Republic of China      The REAL China

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Manos9999 replied on 08-27-2012 13:40 | Locked

I have the same problem

I re-installed and re-download it but the same again :\

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Answered (Not Verified) Ahm3d replied on 08-27-2012 16:29 | Locked
Suggested by GoldCookiez

Here Hope This Helps

- Uninstall the game completely

- Disable your antivirus' realtime protection

- Redownload the game

- Install the game

- Add the entire crossfire folder to your antivirus exceptions

- Re-enable realtime protection

If you downloaded the game with your antivirus active, it may be 'cleaning' the rez file upon download.


P.s : Try this Way without re-downloading first and if it failed then re-download

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Answered (Not Verified) Suhu replied on 08-27-2012 21:32 | Locked
Suggested by Suhu

Rename your game folder (the folder where crossfire.exe is) that worked for me .)

All you can hit is f11 button.

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ZvonjaCRO replied on 02-17-2013 1:08 | Locked

It doesn't help to me pls help i have same problem


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ZvonjaCRO replied on 02-17-2013 1:10 | Locked

doesn't work for me

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delrueke replied on 02-17-2013 12:12 | Locked

thnx this worked for me too clap

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samer477 replied on 07-05-2013 4:23 | Locked

me too ! plz say to me how to fix it...! i know it re-install but say to mee


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osca1 replied on 07-08-2013 11:56 | Locked

me too ! plz say to me how to fix it...! i know it re-install but say to mee

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TriuMph600 replied on 10-08-2014 10:03 | Locked

Omg is there no way to fix this. I am so raging right now. Spent whole day at these stupid forums, trying to find answer. People righting stupid things like download game again, rename the folder and such. None of that Headshot! works! Is there anyone that knows dafq he is doing and tell us how to solve this stupid problem!!!

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TriuMph600 replied on 10-08-2014 10:04 | Locked

What worked for u ?? Did u solve the problem? Tell me how.

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F95 replied on 10-08-2014 10:11 | Locked




Try this:


1) Restart the computer.
2) Remove any hacking utilities you may have used.
3) Uninstall Crossfire the usual way:-

Windows Vista/Windows 7/8 > Control Panel > Programs and Features (or Uninstall a Program)


4) Restart the computer.
5) Delete the Crossfire games folder.

Navigate to the installation location, for example:
My Computer > C:\ >SG Interactive >
Right click the ‘Crossfire’ folder and Delete


6) Download, install and run CCleaner.

Select Cleaner > Analyse and then 'Run Cleaner'
Select Registry > Scan for Issues and then 'Fix selected Issues'


7) Restart the computer.

8) Disable all anti-virus and spyware/anti-malware programs you have running.

EG: Norton, McAfee, Spybot, Windows Defender, BitDefender


9) Download and Install the latest Crossfire installer.

10) Leaving your anti-virus and malware programs disabled – Run the game.




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